Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to Cthulhumom Games – a blog dedicated to my experiences raising a child in a gamer family.

As I was preparing this month’s post I found this on my drive. I had meant to post it the month before Dexcon, as July was the anniversary of the start of this blog. I had also meant to maintain some sort of sanity in that month and to that end wound up not posting a full article. Thus this article sat waiting. Though the anniversary of this blog has come and gone I still want to share the thoughts I had two months ago. So here it is – two months after the anniversary, my Happy Anniversary post!


I started this blog after many months of thinking about it. I would have experiences and conversations that led me to several realizations. I wanted to share my thoughts and wanted to hear what other gamer parents were experiencing.

The first thing I realized is that there a lot of gamer parents out there, but we can’t always find each other. Life pulls you in so many directions and when one of those directions is directly behind your child (or children) it can be hard to locate other people your age with your interests. I also know how alone a parent can feel. I wanted other gamer parents to know they aren’t alone in trying to find time for their hobby and trying to share their hobby with their children. I looked around and all I could find on the internet was a few posts on various forums, mostly asking the same question “what game should I get for my X year old?”. Games are much more complex than an age rating. So are children. And parents.

I also know that we are all having our unique family experiences, but within those experiences is overlap. In that overlap we can help each other with what we have learned. I wanted to toss my experience out into the wind in hopes that where my life overlaps with yours you could learn from and be entertained by me. I had hoped to hear back and maybe learn a bit from you. I haven’t had much in the way of the conversation I had hoped to foster, but Yog is only five, so I have many years to get better at this.

Speaking of having a conversation, when I started looking into starting a blog there were many discussions on whether or not to have the comments turned on. I decided that I didn’t want this to be a lecture series, but an open dialog started by my (often rambling) thoughts. So I chose to enable the comments. Though there haven’t been many comments and even fewer discussions I consider myself blessed to have such a fine readership. The comments I have received have all been helpful and kind and thus far we have not had the de-evolution of society that is common on a lot of open comments. Thank you.

There is still a lot of ground to cover. Yog is now five, and we are dealing with a new phase in her development – she thinks she’s the boss. And boy is she bossy! We’ll see how this affects our ability to continue to play adult games and where it takes her desire to play with us. We’re still in the “I’m not the kind of person who likes to play games” phase. And who knows, maybe it’s not a phase. Maybe one day I’ll be writing about how we got someone to take her for the weekend so that my husband and I could go to the game convention on our own. Maybe one day I’ll be writing about how I had to explain to Yog that as much as she wants to play both games scheduled at the same time that we still don’t know how to bi-locate and she’ll just have to choose. Maybe lots of things.

We’re starting Kindergarten this year, which means there is a lot of new and first times in our future. We probably haven’t faced this much rapid change since the year she was born. Not that parenting a toddler or pre-schooler isn’t chock full of change and phases, but this is more external changes to handle. I’m curious to see where this next step in our lives leaves our hobby. How much time will we have? Will she want to play games with her new friends? Will we be able to keep in touch with her old friends?

Another goal I had when I started this blog was to feature conversations with other gamer parents and their experiences. This will take planning and time. I need to track down gamer parents willing to be interviewed about their experience, write thoughtful questions, and then figure out between two hectic family schedules when we can sit down to talk. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just not easy. I’d still like to do this. If you are interested in sharing your family experience with me and the rest of the readers, please let me know.

I also have ideas for deeper researched topics. These posts will take more time to produce and there won’t be as many of them. If I’m going to try to present facts to you, I’d like to make them as researched and factual as I can.

I’d like to know what you want to hear me ramble about as well. Feel free to contact me through the site. I love learning things, so if you ask me something that needs some research I’ll jump on that. However, see the previous paragraph.

It’s been an interesting year of learning and growing. I have done more new things inside the gaming community than I have in a long time. It has all given me new perspective on various aspects of gaming. It has presented me with new challenges. I have met many new people. Yog is constantly changing. It has given me new things to write about.

Happy Gaming!


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Maybe not quite what you are looking for, but in my current campaign one of the players has a three year old. This is a bit challenging to say the least, as play sessions are delayed or cut short due to parental responsibility. I don’t begrudge her one bit, and accommodate as much as I can. That said, I cannot imagine the logistical balance involved if more than one of my players had a kid. It helps to have an understanding group and a board game in reserve


    • Totally! As I often say in my posts my gaming group is what makes it possible for us to game as often as we do. It’s great to hear from another player/GM that he is willing to accommodate the interruptions that are inevitable 🙂


  2. I would love to help with some discussions and feature on your blog. 🙂
    Just email me. My daughter just turned two this week so since mid pregnancy we have been dealing with the early years and the how and when best to game. Your blog is very interesting and I have to thank your hubby for sharing it on Boardgamegeek.


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